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Miracle of Mind Magic Course

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• Some people seem to cure themselves of "incurable" ailments

• Others become multi-millionaires in a few short years

• Below-average students win big scholarships to prestige schools

• Outsiders pick stocks that start to skyrocket almost overnight   

. . . to mention just a few.

The author of this course studied this phenomenon for over two decades and discovered that these people had used secret mental powers that practically guaranteed success, and that lie within the grasp of every one of us.

This fantastic course reveals that secret and shows you how you can change your life overnight and make the impossible come true in your career, marriage, health and sex life!

This secret knowledge will shatter many conventional self-help theories and techniques that well-meaning self-help guru's, motivational experts and success coaches have been teaching the past 50 years. And why have they not been teaching it? Simply because they have never learned it themselves!

As you know, there are numerous personal development systems based on positive thinking, visualization, affirmations, etc. etc., and whilst these work well and good for many people, for many others they lead to a dead end and disappointment. The reason for this is that most of them are lacking a key ingredient.

What this course can do for you . . .

Dr. Frank Young discovered that some persons had cured themselves of seemingly incurable diseases, simply with a secret mental power.

When he was in business he had already discovered that some persons had become multimillionaires with a secret mental power.

When he was a competing athlete he had discovered that some of them had broken world records with a secret mental power.

When he was on the stage he had discovered that some actors and actresses had become stage idols with a secret mental power.

As an author he had discovered that some writers had conceived best-sellers with a secret mental power.

As a research student in several leading colleges and universities he had discovered that some students easily won big scholarships with a secret mental power.

As an investor he had discovered that some ordinary people without formal training picked out fast-growth stocks with a secret mental power.

In practically everything in life, in fact, there were people who reaped astronomical successes with a secret mental power, with which they easily swept past seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Frank Young decided to find the miracle trigger of their successful mind magic.

The Search for the Miracle Trigger

For twenty-five years Frank Young studied and refined the different methods which so many of these people used to achieve their ends. But, he found, it was not only the methods they used that counted, but how they "triggered" them. Without the right trigger they could not even start to get benefits. With his special scientific knowledge of the mind and body, Young experimented for years until he unravelled the secret of the unsuspected power of the conscious mind—a power which hundreds of leading scientific investigators have discovered is equal to, and even greater than, that of hypnosis, psychic power, the computer, brain-wave machines, or whatever. But it needed the right trigger! That's when Frank Young discovered the secret Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator. He confided it to hundreds of people and was amazed at the successful results these people secured for themselves.

The Secret of the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

With the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator, otherwise average people achieved "miracles" in attaining wealth, in their careers, in social life, in marriage, in controlling their nervous tensions and worries, in profitable concentration of mind, in controlling others, in self-protection, in wise future action, in popularity, in sensible judgment, in timing perfectly in life, in routing nagging pains and minor illnesses, in regaining sexual vitality, in mastering new skills, and in self-rejuvenation. With it they achieved "miracles" which others rivalled only with brain-splitting effort, incredible luck, or fantastic psychic power. Yet, with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator, these otherwise average people achieved incredible successes with their secret mental powers.

In order for them to use the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator in a natural manner, Young taught them how to flood themselves with their fondest dreams in an instant, so that their bodies would respond to them in physiological language. These people then simply drew this tissue language into their conscious minds, and their powers for immediate success in anything whatsoever multiplied fantastically.

With secret mental powers you don't have to tap your subconscious mind, resort to hypnosis, or strain to develop tension-creating will power. Once you trigger your conscious mind with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator as set out in this course, your nerves, your glands, your muscles, your actions, will be given the big, invisible push to hurl you into successful action.

With Dr. Young's secret Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator, people like you have started accomplishing all that seemed impossible for them before.

Here are some examples detailed in the course:

1. How businessman Donald Z. came back from disaster to make far more money—and easier than ever.

2. How Steve K. made seemingly miraculous repairs and grew rich.

3. How John B. tamed his giant accoster in the flick of an eye.

4. How laid-off Leo D. constructed a practical article for teenage play and retired permanently from his job.

5. How hesitant Jack M. turned into a rousing speaker in an instant.

6. How Stanley V. subdued his ulcers with a routing thought.

7. How Marcia L. controlled her "nerves" by lowering her heart rate with a compelling picture-thought.

8. How trampled-down Harry B. aroused the keen respect of his overbearing superiors—and was soon promoted into an executive position.

9. How Donna M. freed herself from a devilish love enslavement, and married a man who adored her.

10. How homely, middle-aged, ignored Sarah P. made an attractive $70,000-a-year income man see her as a ravishing young beauty.

11. How Esther F. ended the suicidal tendency of her failing college student son and raised him to the honor roll.

12. How Bill K. saved himself from a long, disastrous layoff by enthralling his greatest enemy swiftly.

13. How Elmer T., on the verge of legal catastrophe, recalled neglected vital evidence suddenly and saved himself.

14. How Larry N. raised his I.Q. into that of an executive genius in seconds.

15. How Austin J. led his company into amazing profits during a recession.

16. How fifty-one-year-old Sheila C. accurately foresaw for the future a delightful, $20,000-a-year part-time self-employment career, for which she could prepare in her spare lime.

17. How Hector K. grew rich easily by calculating his company's best business moves like a seer.

18. How Edward A. relieved his nagging headache with a simple thought.

19. How Alvin Z., who had trouble sleeping, slept at night like a log.

20. How middle-aged Jane L. stayed young despite her youth-robbing work.

You yourself can achieve what these people did—and even more. Let Frank Young teach you the different methods (scientifically refined) which these people used to attain their amazing successes. Trigger the secret mental power for each with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator and make the seemingly impossible in your life come true.

You require no expensive equipment with possible side effects—no gadgets and no pills. You need just yourself—
and the easy secret trigger to detonate your dynamic physiological language swiftly.

What you will learn in this amazing course . . .

Lesson 1 - How Your Secret Mental Powers Can Work Miracles for You  How You, Too, Can Retire Much Earlier with Comparatively Little Capital and Grow Rich Afterwards—How You, Too, Can Know When to Step Out of a Successful Situation Before It Crashes, and Enter a New One and "Cash In" on It—How You, Too, Can Save Yourself from Ruin by Recalling the "Important Forgotten Thing"—How You, Too, Can Make Anybody Who Lords It Over You Look Up to You

Lesson 2 - The Basis of Your Secret Mental Powers  Why the Power of Your Conscious Mind is Tremendously Underrated—Scientific Proof That Conscious-Mind Power is More Effective Than Hypnosis—The Physiological Language of Your Mental Powers—How the Conscious Mind Even Controls The Influence of Drugs on the Body—The Tremendous Importance of the New Milieu—How a Secret Mental Power Controls Nervous System—How a Secret Mental Power Can Control Personality—How a Secret Mental Power Can Control Physical Strength—How a Secret Mental Power Can Control the Known and Unknown Secretions in the Brain—How a Secret Mental Power Can Control Body Tissue—How a Secret Mental Power Can Control Your Vanishing Youth and Longevity—How a Secret "Lazy" Mental Power Brings Power of Foresight That Makes You Unsurpassable—How Secret Mental Power Can Control Your Natural Talents

Lesson 3 - How to Unleash Your Secret Mental Powers  Why You Don't Think with Your Brain Alone—Acquired Mental Distortions Which Limit Your Secret Mental Powers and How to Overcome Them—Acquired Physical Distortions Which Limit Your Secret Mental Powers—How the Curvature of Your Spine Can Increase or Decrease the Dynamite of Your Secret Mental Powers—How to Release the Secret Mental Powers Strangled Within You by a Squeezing Spine—How a Secret Mental Power Can Heal Different Ailments Through Their Different Physiological Languages—How to Induce the Nerve Fibers of any Secret Mental Power to "Line Up Right" in Your Brain and Bring About the Miracle of Mind Magic—The Three Steps of the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator to Trigger Your Secret Mental Powers—How to Practice Intensifying the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator—The Secret of the Power of the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 4 - How to Use Your Mental Power of Intellectual Leverage
The Amazing Profits from Using Intellectual Leverage—The Great Opportunities Missed from Lack of Intellectual Leverage—What Intellectual Leverage Is—Why You Lack Intellectual Leverage—How to Acquire Intellectual Leverage—How to Apply Intellectual Leverage on People—How to Amass Wealth with Intellectual Leverage—How lo Apply Intellectual Leverage for Self-Defense—How to Apply Intellectual Leverage to Control Your Unhappy Moods—How to Trigger the Secret Mental Power of Intellectual Leverage with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 5 - The Secret Mental Power to Overcome Your Confused Thinking  How Confused Thinking Usually Starts—How to Overcome Confused Thinking—The Secret of Interesting Yourself in any Subject—Your Hidden Talent Opener—How to Resist Forming Confused Thinking About any New Knowledge—How to Trigger Overcoming and Preventing Confused Thinking with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 6 - The Secret Mental Power of Psycho-Photographic Memory  The Fantastic Profits from Developing a Psycho-Photographic Memory—The Nucleus of Psycho- Photographic Memory—Magic Aids for Acquiring Psycho-Photographic Memory Much Faster—Other Magic Aids for Acquiring Psycho-Photographic Memory Much Faster—The Serious Obstacles to Your Acquiring Psycho- Photographic Memory—How to Trigger Psycho-Photographic Memory in You with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 7 - Secret Mental Powers for Profitable Concentration  The Fantastic Profits from Using Profitable Concentration—How Unprofitably Your "Usual Self" Concentrates—How to Use Your Secret Power to Concentrate Profitably—The Sixteen Secret Rules for Profitable Concentration—The Seven Secret Rules for Profitable Concentration for Research, Which Brought Great Riches to Different People—How to Trigger Yourself to Concentrate Profitably with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 8 - The Secret Mental Power to Control Your Nervous Tension & Worry  Profits You Can Realize from Controlling Nervous Tension and Worry—Your Secret Mental Power to Gain Swift Control Over Others—What Happens in Your Body Due to Nervous Tension and Worry—Why Your Physiological Language of Fear Soon Develops into an Uncontrollable Habit—How Your Acquired Physiological Language of Fear Alters Your Body Responses and Makes Those Changes Permanent—How You Regularly Reverse the Physiological Habit of Pain in You—The Magic of the Psycho-Feedback: The Strictly Mental Alpha High to Relax and Unwind You Anywhere, at any Time—How to Control Your Nervous Tension and Worry Immediately with the Psycho-Feedback—How to Control Your Nervous Tension and Worry Swiftly with the Psycho-Feedback—Why the Psycho-Feed back Gets Rid of Your Nervous Tension and Worry Quickly and Effectively—The Miracle of the "Thought Beat"

Lesson 9 - Secret Mental Power to Protect from Domination by Others
Profits You Can Realize by Protecting Yourself from Domination by Others—What Happens in Your Mind When You Are Dominated by Someone—What Happens to Your Actions and Behavior When You Are Dominated by Someone—What Happens to Your Physiological Language When You Are Dominated by Someone—The Secret Clench-and-Relax to Protect You Against Being Dominated by Others—The Clench-and-Relax Program

Lesson 10 - Your Secret Mental Power to Gain Swift Control Over Others
How to Convert a Person into Your Physilogically- Synchronizing Twin—How to Condition Your Parasympathetic Nervous System—How to Trigger Your Control Over Others with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator—How to Proceed to Control Anyone

Lesson 11 - Your Secret Mental Power to Enthrall Friends or Enemies  The Fantastic Profits from Enthralling Friends or Enemies—The Magic Difference in Your Life Resulting from Your Enthralling Even a Few Enemies—How to Prevent Anybody, Anywhere, from Disliking You at Sight—The Physiological Normalizing of Other People for Your Benefit—The Physiological Reversal to Stop People from Considering You as Being Ordinary—How to Be Above Being Considered Merely Ordinary—Why It Is Difficult to Understand Other People Quickly—How to Make Everybody Like You and Want to Know You by Using the Right Physiological Language—How to Avoid Unnecessary Losses—How to Trigger the Secret Mental Power to Enthrall Friend or Enemy with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 12 - Your Secret Mental Power for Most Effective Judgment  The Fantastic Profits Gained from Swift Control Over Others How Others Resist Your Efforts to Control Them—The Obstacles You Face in Trying to Control Others—How to Soften Someone's Resistance to Your Controlling Him Swiftly—The Fantastic Profits from Most Sensible Judgment—The Nine Main Causes That Hinder You from Arriving at the Most Sensible Judgment in Your Everyday Life—How to Trigger Your Most Sensible Judgment with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator—Your Personal Program

Lesson 13 - Secret Mental Power for Wisest Future Action  The Fantastic Profits from Wisest Future Action—How to Trigger Your Wisest Future Action with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 14 - The Secret Mental Power to Time Your Actions Perfectly  The Fantastic Profits from Timing Perfectly in Life—The Magic of Perfect Timing in Life—The Magic of Perfect Timing in Business—Ill-Timed, Shackling Introspection, and How to Prevent It from Ruining Your Opportunities—How to Oust the Crippling Physiological Language of Ill-Timed, Shackling Introspection—The Magical "Thought Plateau" to Lower the Blood Pressure of Your Crippled Physiological Language at Will—How to Trigger Perfect Timing with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 15 - Secret Mental Power to Route Your Nagging Aches & Minor Illness  The Fantastic Profits from Routing Nagging Aches and Minor Illness—How Your Everyday Bad Habits Can Bring on Nagging Aches and Minor Illness—How Your Daily Unsuspected Bad Posture Can Bring on Nagging Aches and Minor Illness—How Your Common Dietary Habits Can Bring on Nagging Aches and Minor Illness—How Your Daily Tensions Can Bring on Nagging Pains and Minor Illness—How to Change Your Daily, Unsuspected Bad Posture That Brings on Nagging Pains and Minor Illness—The Simple Thought to Change Your Unsuspected Bad Posture That Brings on Nagging Pains and Minor Illness—How to Nullify Your Daily Tensions That Bring on Nagging Aches and Minor Illness—How to Trigger Routing Your Nagging Aches and Minor Illness with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 16 - Secret Mental Power for Sexual Vitality  The Amazing Gains from Sexual Vitality and Marital Bliss—Why Your Domestic Familiarity Can Breed Marital Contempt—Why Decreased Sexual Vitality Can Endanger Your Marital Bliss—Why You Have to Add Ecstasy to Your Domestic Familiarity—How Your Usual Mental Attitude Bars Ecstasy from Your Domestic Familiarity—How to Overcome the Influence of Your Usual Mental Attitude Which Bars Ecstasy from Your Domestic Familiarity—How to Add Ecstasy to Your Domestic Familiarity—How to Trigger Sexual Vitality and Marital Bliss with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator

Lesson 17 - How to Use Secret Mental Powers to Stay Younger and Live Longer The Fantastic Profits from Staying Young and Living Long—The Physiological Language That Keeps You Young—How Your Two Involuntary Nervous Systems May Fail to Keep You Speaking the Physiological Language of Youth—The Three Magic Secrets to Stay Young and Live Long with a Flexible Physiological Language—How to Trigger Your Staying Young and Living Long with the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator—Your Personal Program

Lesson 18 - Instant Physio-Magic: The Secret of Perpetual Miracle Mind Magic The Three Secret Steps of Instant Physio-Magic—The Magic Power of the Three Secret Steps to Get What You Want for Nothing—The Miracle of Instant Physio- Magic—Step-by-Step Method for Using the New Miracle-Mind You


Although each secret mental power brings you a different miracle of mind magic, you can trigger any of them with Instant Physio-Magic. You can then apply any of them at any time to make any goal, dream, or wish come true.

You will possess a conscious mind as dominating as the most irresistible hypnotist, the most fantastic psychic, the most prophetic seer, the strongest Hercules—or of a genius in anything you strive for!

With it, as others did, you can change an average mind into that of a genius instantly! You can acquire the power of a lion (like a hypnotized subject) instantly! You can acquire enthralling romantic appeal instantly! You can do all that because, with Instant Physio-Magic, you can swiftly speak the right physiological language for any secret mental power you wish. You then become the person who possesses that secret mental power.

How to utilize the Miracle of Mind magic  . . .

Select the secret mental power which you desire most right now and reread and repractice it. Select two or three if you can't decide on one. (Reread any of the others whenever you need them.) When you practice any of them, be keenly aware of how it alters your physiological language.

You will feel like a person who could easily achieve your goal, dream, or wish. Always imagine yourself as becoming him (or her) and then note exactly how you feel! Imitate everything about them when you do, so you no longer feel like yourself, but wholly like him or her! That's when you will think like them, when your physiological language will speak like his or hers, and when the particular secret mental power which they would use to achieve a goal, dream, or wish like yours will become yours, too!

You will then possess the miracle of mind magic!

About the Author of this Course . . .

FRANK RUDOLPH YOUNG, "the man of wonder," an internationally esteemed scientist of the mind-body, has been hailed as being as far ahead of his time as the science-fiction fantasies which come astonishingly true. Totally independent in his secret discoveries, he is in a class by himself. His whole life has been one of relentless research into the human mind-body and the miracle powers of its physiology when unleashed consciously.

He grew up in intimate relationship with his godfather, a potential potentate who used Secret Mental Powers to become President of his country. With the secrets of the Zohar, aided with the well-guarded discoveries in his mind-body laboratory, Frank Young found the mystery behind the right physiological language, the scientific trigger of Secret Mental Powers.

Frank Rudolph Young's granduncle was a long-lived Yogi in far-away India. For 40 years, Mr. Young's father investigated the secrets of psychic power in the West Indies and in Central and South America. Dr. Young himself spent 30 years investigating the scientific laws behind yoga and mind science. He has taught these findings to thousands of followers throughout the world.

Ebooks and Audio books to complement this Course . . .

As well as "The Miracle of Mind Magic Course"  that completely reveals to you the missing ingredient that causes most traditional self-help techniques to fall short., you will also receive seven other components to make this success system complete ...

Component #1
Miracle of Mind Magic Course

This ebook contains the complete, original 18-Lesson, 270 page course by Dr. Frank Young, teaching his Miracle of Mind Magic techniques in full, and how to unleash your Secret Mental Powers.

The knowledge contained within this course is truly priceless, and the simple-to- follow techniques for tapping into your secret mental powers will prove invaluable to you from the moment you read and practice them.

$49.95 Value

Component #2
The Miracle Mind Stimulator"

In this ebook you will learn how to channel your power of belief and believe that the Giver of All is right here with you, knows your needs, wishes you well, and delights in supplying you with whatever you want. First and foremost, this book will help you to reactivate your power of belief.

Next, this amazing book will teach you how you can take complete command of your life and create your own future by using a proven, but little known technique known as "The Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator"....


In just three important but easy steps you will induce in your brain the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator. With a little practice they will become second nature to you and in time will intensify so they will release your latent Power. Practice them alone in the privacy of your home and before you know it you will be applying them easily and surprisingly in your daily life.

$9.95 Value


Component #3
"How The Mind Works" ebook

Every man or woman is as they think. Therefore they can change themselves, their life, and even their circumstances, by changing their thought. But before they can change their thought they must understand those laws and processes through which thought is produced; that is, they must know how the mind works.

The mind that masters itself creates its own ideas, thoughts and desires through the original use of its own imaging faculty, while the mind that does not master itself forms its thoughts and desires after the likeness of impressions received through the senses; and is therefore controlled by the conditions from which those impressions come.

Accordingly the mastermind is a mind that thinks what it wants to think regardless of what circumstances, environments or associations may suggest.

The destiny of every individual is being created hourly by themselves, and that something that determines what they are to create at any particular period in time is the sum total of their desires and ideals.

How the Mind Works is a book of exceptional value, and is of vital interest to anyone who wants to live their life fully and completely – more health, more wealth, and more happiness.

$9.95 Value

Component #4
"The Law of Attraction"
audio book + ebook

You'll receive this extremely powerful book in both PDF ebook format and as a 128 minute WMA format audio book also, which can be downloaded and listened to on any computer, or burned onto a CD and played in your car or on your Walkman, etc., if you wish. 

The subjects discussed in this wonderfully enlightening book are:


THE Universe is governed by Law - one great Law. Its manifestations are multiform, but viewed from the Ultimate there is but one Law.

We are familiar with some of its manifestations, but are almost totally ignorant of certain others. Still, we are learning a little more every day - the veil is being gradually lifted.

We have passed through the age of physical force on to the age of intellectual supremacy, and are now entering a new and almost unknown field, that of psychic power.

This book makes plain to you the great underlying principles of this new field of energy which is opening up before us, that you may be able to make use of this great power and apply it for legitimate and worthy purposes, just as men are using steam, electricity and other forms of energy today.

$29.95 Value

Component #5
"As A Man Thinketh
audio book + ebook

You'll receive this classic self-help book in both PDF ebook format and as a 48 minute WMA format audio book also, which can be downloaded and listened to on any computer, or burned onto a CD and played in your car or on your Walkman, etc., if you wish.

The subjects discussed in this simply written but profound book are:

1. Thought and Character

2. Effect Of Thought On Circumstances

3. Effects Of Thoughts On Health And Body

4. Thought And Purpose

5. The Thought-Factor In Achievement

6. Visions And Ideals

7. Serenity

As a Man Thinketh is a classic in the truest sense: few books have been so widely read, have stood the test of time so well, have had such an impact on generations of readers, and have carried such a simple, profound message: You are what you think.

Success coach and writer Og Mandino counted "As a Man Thinketh" among the top ten success books of all time.

The author of this book, James Allen, is something of an enigma: little is known of his life other than that he was born in Leicester, England, and spent his later years in Ilfracombe where he wrote over twenty books.

Of these, "As a Man Thinketh" was by far the most successful, despite the author having felt that it was a minor work.

In fact, it has remained in print for a century, has been translated into at least five major languages, and has influenced the lives of untold millions with its powerful message.

$19.95 Value

Component #6
"Success & Conquest
" ebook

This is a powerful treatise on the power of the mind to overcome all obstacles. This long forgotten book was first published in 1915, and was recently resurrected and republished on the internet under the title "The Conquering Yourself Manual", and is currently being sold for $49.95. It is also known as "The Creed of the Conquering Chief".

According to the publisher,
"The ‘Conquering Yourself Manual" is not 300 pages of fluff. It’s powerful, to the point, and will create almost instant results in your life."

This ebook will provide you with the
Key Elements To Becoming Great And Successful. It will inspire you to become a doer, to get excited, to get motivated, to sweep all obstacles from your path, and to take positive action each day towards the achievement of all you desire and long for in life.

$9.95 Value

Component #7
The Secret of
"The Secret"
audio book + ebook Package

This ebook and audio book package comprises of six ebooks and two audio recordings, most of which are featured or referred to in the best-selling book and movie, "The Secret". .

These include:

"The Master Key System" by Charles Haanel

"The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles

"Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

"The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightingale

"The Science of Success" by Julia Seton Sears

"It Works!" by R.H. Jarrett

By reading these books and listening to the audios you will discover how to utilize "The Secret" - The Law of Attraction, -  in your own life.
This package sells elsewhere (secretofthesecret.wwwhubs.com) for $29.77, but is included in "The Miracle of Mind Magic" course.

$29.77 Value

Component #8
"The Miracle Power of Believing"

Whether you desire Love, Riches, Happiness, or Success, you can now have them through the use of Dynamic and Miracle-producing Personal Creeds.

This remarkable book is the culmination of the author's many years of research into the most potent life-force known to man—the Power of Belief. Let Theo Laurence, one of the world's foremost experts on the occult arts, mental science and mysticism, reveal the Magic Creeds that automatically trigger this phenomenal power—and rejoice in the never-ending flood of riches, happiness and success that is yours for the asking!

$14.95 Value


You Can Have All Eight Of These Components For Only $47!

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In this Success System you will discover your hidden success switch and, more importantly, how to use it to achieve maximum success in your life.

This comprehensive success course will teach you and help you in numerous ways including...

  • How to zero in on the automatic mechanism that will propel you into sustained, perpetual, proper action focus and excitement resulting in unqualified success in all areas of your life.
  • How to tap into your own limitless source of true inspiration and self-motivation…to turn on the juice so you can succeed at any level you honestly want.
  • How to isolate the single, root cause of success in all areas of life. This is the catalyst that causes all achievement to happen.
  • How to finally stop wasting your time and money on concepts that just don’t work by discovering why goal setting, affirmations, motivational speakers, etc. are myths when it comes to creating true success in life.
  • Empower you with the knowledge and ability to overcome stubborn obstacles like fear, stress, lack of money and procrastination once and for all. What would your life be like if you could overcome those obstacles?
  • Finding your personal switch within you and how to become an unstoppable force within your life. And how to use this to finally eliminate your time chocking habits of procrastination.
  • Walk you through a super simple, automatic way to get the discipline and enthusiasm you need to make things happen in your life, your business, or your career.
  • Becoming a skilled master at not just how to “do it” but more importantly how to “get yourself to do it" - whatever you want "it" to be.
  • How to make all work fun. Is that possible? Absolutely!
  • Creating clear, concise and doubt free direction in your life.
  • Put your finger on the power switch within you that has been there all along. 
  • Tap into your limitless source of true inspiration and determination to achieve whatever you truly desire in life.
  • Learn how to identify and achieve your heart’s desires in the easiest way possible. Finally you will know the shortest route to achieve what you truly desire in life.

The author of this course, Dr. Frank Young, appreciates the ups and downs you go through on a daily basis with your life and business or job. He has not only experienced them himself, he talked with and presented seminars to tens of thousands of individuals across the world who were in your shoes.

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Get the entire "Miracle of Mind Magic" package, read the ebooks, listen to the audios, apply the life-changing techniques taught therein, and if after 3 months of applying these techniques they do not live up to your high expectations and you do not feel that the package is worth every cent you paid for it plus a lot more, you can ask for a full refund, and we will return your money.

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