An open letter to all Teachers, Students and Devotees of Mental Science, no matter what your name or movement may be.

Dear Fellow Traveler:

I have no doubt that for a long time you have been in the same frame of mind which causes me to believe that the Psychologists, Character Analysts, Mental Scientists, Christian Scientists, New Thoughters, etc., would all be greatly benefited if brought together on a common plane of fellowship and co-operation. There is nothing in reality that can separate, in spirit practice, the New Thoughters from the Psychologists, the Mental Scientists from the Metaphysicians. We are all operating in harmony with certain fundamental laws, and, regardless of what we call these laws, they remain unchanged and continue to operate in the same way, although they may be approached from different angles.

If a person or organization has truth, they have it no matter by what name it may be called.

What is pure Metaphysics? What is pure Psychology? What is pure Mental Science? I am sure we all can furnish an answer, no matter what we may call ourselves or our movements; for we know if a man is mentally sick and is healed by the Metaphysician, the Psychologists or the Mental Scientist he has had pure Psychology, pure Metaphysics or pure Mental healing. If a man suffer from lack and limitation, but by the operation of certain fundamental laws of life presently has abundance, we know that the result springs from the operation of a pure law no matter what you may call it. If a man has lacked happiness and by Psychology, Metaphysics, Mental Science, Christian Science, Theosophy, or whatever name you prefer, obtains happiness, it serves to demonstrate a pure law regardless of the name by which the said law is known. Therefore, it seems to me that all who are bringing this new light into this new age, are working toward the same goal.

Admitting this to be true, do you not then agree that instead of having division among us, or a feeling that differences exist, or mental barriers between us, all should recognize the Divine in each movement, the Divine in each teacher, the Divine in all life and that this Divinity should unite us in a common whole?

There cannot be any separation in Divinity, or censorship of the Divine. There cannot be any strife, opposition, or misunderstanding in Divinity. Therefore, if all can recognize the Divine in each other, the day of denominationalism, strife, separation, and misunderstanding has passed, and the day of fellowship and co-operation has dawned.

"In union there is strength" and there is no doubt that this entire movement will receive an added impetus and go forward with greater strides, if we work together on a basis of common fellowship.

Every teacher has truth, else the call would not have come to them to teach. For we know from the law that the teacher would not have had the desire to spread the gospel of success, health and happiness had there not been those who needed his or her message.

There seems to be a feeling among many teachers of Mental Science and Metaphysicians that the word "Psychology" is foreign to their teaching and ought not to be used. On the other hand there seems to be among some of the teachers of Psychology a broad scientific idea that the word "God" ought not to be used in psychological teachings. Both of these in my opinion represent extremes. What is the difference, when back of all Nature, or back of all life, back of all health, abundance and happiness is a certain law, and what is the difference whether we call this a psychological law or a metaphysical law?
What is the difference whether we call this a Divine Science law or a Christian Science law? What is the difference whether we call this a Catholic law or a Protestant law? What is the difference whether we call this an Oriental law or an Occidental law? What is the difference whether we call this a Christian or a non-Christian law? If it works, it is law, demonstrating one of the fundamental principles sent to us by the Great First Cause, by Nature, Evolution, or God, no matter what we call it; for back of all health is God, and Nature; back of all abundance is the same Power; and underlying all happiness we find the same principle. Why, therefore, should we have differences among our ranks over the terminology which gives us a grasp on these laws?

A rose would smell just as sweet by any other name. If the Christian is used to calling this law God, why should the scientific man object to the term "God," or why should the Christian object to the scientific man's explanation of "Nature"? Both are thinking and working toward the same goal—that is, toward more health, success and happiness. If the scientific man gets it, the Christian ought to rejoice in his light too, and, if the Christian man gets it, the scientific man ought to be equally as happy in the Christian's light. Why tolerate a difference between us because of mere terminology? Why not be big enough to let the other man express himself as he desires? Why not make God—Law—Nature—Evolution—First Cause synonymous?

If there are any of the older teachers of Mental Science who have had healings (and there are scores of them) who have not called these laws psychological, but have called them God's laws, why should the older teacher object when some new teacher enters into the field with another explanation? The fact that the old teachers have not reached all suffering humanity is evidence that sufferers remain who need to be reached. If the new teacher appears and uses the words "Psychology" and "Science" and "Logic" and reaches a person whom the older teachers have not reached, the older teachers, exercising that which they teach, "love toward one's neighbor," should rejoice that others have successfully implanted the message. They should rejoice that although they, the older teachers, have saved ninety and nine, that the new teacher has brought in the last sheep that needed the message of the gospel of health, success and happiness.

On the other hand the new teachers of Psychology ought to be broad and big enough, and liberal spirited enough, to let the older teacher work along his or her happy way in any manner that seems to suit their particular education, training, experience and personality.

No two people have the same talent in the world, nor do they express the same talent in exactly the same way. There may be two public speakers, but they are as different as pole from pole in their methods of speech; there may be two mental healers, but they will be as different in their personalities or in expressing their methods of healing as are the two speakers. Yet we should not say that each teacher must heal in the same way any more than we would say that each speaker should take the same amount of breath at the same place when pronouncing the same number of words or use the same vocabulary or give voice to the same tones as the other speaker. One is as conservative as the other, one is as inconsistent as the other.

So long as the world needs healing, there will be differences in personality to bring about the healing, yet these personalities will nevertheless be operating in harmony with the same fundamental law. Why should we care how we name laws; whether they are Psychological, Scientific or Christian; whether they are non-Christian, Barbarian, Seythian, Greek, Jew or Gentile? While the world cries out for health, abundance and happiness we are going to need as many personalities and as many approaches to the suffering people as there are people to be reached. Therefore, let us rejoice that the Lord has given us enough personalities with their healing messages to reach these diverse multitudes.

New Thoughters, Mental Scientists, Christian Scientists, Metaphysicians, Psychologists—we are one—we are brothers—co-labourers in the same vineyard, for the same kingdom and the same harvest. Let there be no differences between us.

"Let there be light" and let each one bless the other who helps to bear the torch of light in a world dumbfounded by mental darkness!

We are one—we are together—we are in unison, one and the same spirit is within each, uniting all. Therefore, how can we hereafter think of division, separation and estrangement when we are one, whole and harmonious in spirit, effort and love!